EspoCRM Related Contacts

The module enables to relate one contact to one other contact (or more) and to specify a "title" (comment) for this relation. The module adds a field "Related Contact" (can be renamed) to the entity "Contacts".


Module installation

  1. To install the module, go to the settings and select "Extensions" - ../#Admin/extensions.
  2. Select "SELECT EXTENSION PACKAGE" and click on "UPLOAD".


  1. After installing the module will be displayed in the module list in ../#Admin/extensions.
  2. After installing (and deactivating) the module, it is recommended to rebuild the software and to clear the server and local cache.


Deactivation and reactivation of the module

The module appears in the list of installed EspoCRM modules in ../#Admin/extensions. This list contains the name of the module, its version, and a short description. In the list of activities there is an option to deactivate the module.


  • After deactivation of the module the field "Related Contacts" loses its functions and content.
  • After reactivating the module, the functions of the module (links, title/comments) will be restored.
  • After updating of EspoCRM you may have to reinstall the module.

Functions for the administrator

Adding the fields to the layouts

After module installation, you have to add the field "Related Contacts" to the contact layouts:

  1. Open Administration / Layout manager / Contacts / Detail view ../#Admin/layouts/scope=Contact&type=detail
  2. Drag the field "Related Contacts" from the list of available fields into the required part of the layout (drag-and-drop) and save it to add the field to the layout.


Functions for Users

Creating of a contact relation

To relate one contact to one (or more) other contact:

  1. Open the page of a contact in edit mode. To do this, click on the button "Edit" or on the pencil logo next to the field "Related Contacts" (for inline editing).

  2. Select one or several contacts from the list. Related contact serves as a reference.


  1. Name the created relation (type in "Title" for related contact). You have to specify the titles separate on both pages of the relation.

  2. In edit mode, you can modify the contact relations and "Title" at any time.