EspoCRM Multichannel Communication

Communication with customers and potential customers in the field of sales is extremely important. And for sellers of goods or services it is very important during the contact (especially if it's an incoming call) to be able to quickly open the existing history of communication with this customer, information about him, history of orders. This module aims at giving users of EspoCRM the ability to add a history of communication with customers via any communication channels (including messengers, social networks, etc.).

The "EspoCRM Multichannel Communication" module allows you to maintain a history of communication with accounts, contacts, and leads via any communication channels that are displayed on this contact's page in a separate "Messages" tab on the Activities or History panel. The module itself allows you to add and view messages manually. An additional module is required to automatically send and receive messages for each channel.

For a comfortable use, the module involves creation of channel types in EspoCRM (for example, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook) and the channels themselves (for example, Mary's facebook page).

Functions for the administrator

Module installation

  • To install the module, go to Administration > Extensions, download the archive with the module and click on "Upload" and "Install". The module is immediately activated.

upload module

  • To deactivate the module, just click on the button "Uninstall".


  • After deactivating the module, it can be reinstalled or removed. ![install.remove] install_remove

Setting User Rights

By default, any user can view, edit, create and use all channels and their types. But if desired, the administrator can limit the use of channels.

Perhaps, it would be appropriate to contract the management of channel types (for example, Viber, Facebook) only to the administrator, and the management of the channels to the people who have direct access to them (for example, Mary's facebook page).

An example of setting access rights, if everyone is allowed to create new channels and only then to use them:

Setting For Role

Message display in the calendar

In order to have the created messages displayed in their author's calendar you need to add "Messages" to the "Calendar Entity List" on the settings page in the Administration.


Functions for Users

Adding new channel types

To create a new channel type "Channel types" (for example, Viber, Facebook), you should:

  • open Сhannel Types via the link or through the navigation and set the name of the channel type, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, XING, LinkedIn.
  • specify the name of the channel type and the favicon - a picture that will be displayed in the "Activities" or "History" panels. Save.


Adding new communication channels

To create a new communication channel "Communication Channels" (for example, Mary's facebook page) you should:

  • open the Communication Channel via the link or through the navigation
  • specify the name of the channel, select the type of the channel (from the created ones), and also specify a link to the communication channel and the channel description. Save.


Creating messages

After activation of the "EspoCRM Multichannel Communication" module on the right side of the entity menu of the type "face" (for example, accounts, contacts, leads) in the Activities and History panels, an additional "Messages" tab will be displayed, when clicking on it created messages will be displayed in the corresponding block.


To create a new message, click on the selection icon from the Action Menu in the upper-right corner of the panel and select the "Schedule Message" in the "Activities" panel or "Log message" in the "History" panel.


After that, the pop-up opens where a message can be created.


When creating a message, you can select three statuses:

  • if the status of the message is Draft, it is displayed in the Activities panel,

  • if the status of the message is Sent, Received, it is displayed in the History panel.

    After creating the message, it will be displayed in the corresponding panel (depending on the status) sorted by date. In the panels are displayed logo / favicon of the channel type, name, the time of creation, author and the status of the message.


  • While clicking on the title of the message, you go to the page of the message itself.

  • While clicking on the logo / favicon of the message the user will follow the link, indicated in the corresponding Communication Channel (if the link is not specified, the logo / favicon will not be clickable).

To quickly view / edit / delete, click on the selection icon in the upper right corner of the message and select the desired action.


View the messages of the author in the calendar

The user who created the messages can view them in his calendar.


The user can control the display of event types in his calendar by clicking on the triangle to the right of the "Timeline" button.


If there are "Messages" among the available event types, see "Displaying messages in the calendar".

Together with the EspoCRM Multichannel Communication you receive:


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We offer free support during the first 3 months after purchase. After this period, we will charge you EUR 45 net per hour.

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