EspoCRM Checklist Field Type

Short Description

  • The module allows adding the fields of a new type "checklist" to any entity.
  • The fields of this type can be used in the same way as any other field on the Layout Manager.
  • In edit mode, the new entries can be added to the list, removed or marked as strikethrough. The order of the elements can also be changed by drag-and-drop.
  • This field type is recommended for creating the action plans and tasks to be processed sequentially, e.g. To-do lists etc.

Admin Functions

Module Installation

  1. To install the module, go to the Administration > Extensions, choose the module archive and click on the button “Upload”. Then confirm installation.


  1. After installing module, please rebuild the system in Administration > Rebuild and empty server and local cache (marked with 1 and 2 at screenshot).


Deactivation and reactivation of the module

The module will be displayed in the list of installed EspoCRM modules in Administration > Extensions. This list displays the name of the module, its version, and a brief description. In the list of actions there is the possibility to uninstall this module.


  • This module adds a new (custom) field type, so when you uninstall the module, all entity records where the fields of that type have been added to layouts, will not be displayed. To work properly with these records, all checklist fields must be removed from all layouts of this entity.

  • After reactivating the module, all checklists will be restored.

  • It may be necessary to reinstall the module after updating EspoCRM.

Creating checklist fields

  1. Go to Administration > Entity manager and select "fields" of the entity where you want to add a field of the "checklist" type (for example, for leads: ../#Admin/fieldManager/scope=Lead).
  2. Add a new field of the type "Checklist", specify the displayed field name and its parameters. Then save.


Adding a field to layouts

  1. Open the Administration > Layout manager, select the entity to which a new field has been added, select the layout (e.g. for leads / detail view: ../#Admin/layouts/scope=Lead&type=detail )

  2. Drag and drop the new field from the list of available fields into the desired part of the layout and save it.


User Functions

Presentation on the list view

  • This field type can be displayed in any layout or used when converting from a lead.

  • The sorting after this field works alphanumerically from the first list entry.


  • Filtering and searching for this field is not possible.

Presentation on the detail view

On the detail view, the field looks like this:


Presentation on the Edit view

In edit mode, you can:

  • add a new entry - you can enter an entry in the empty field and press "Enter" (or click "+"). The record length limit is 4 GB (over 2 billion characters);


  • You can format the existing record with the strikethrough font, upon clicking the icon "checkbox" (the icon turns black when the formatting is active);


  • To move an existing record up / down, simply drag it up or down with the mouse;

  • To delete records, click on the "X" to the right of the existing record.

Together with the EspoCRM Checklist Field Type you receive:


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