EspoCRM Advanced Shared Calendar

Team members should see each other's calendar entries (scheduled meetings, tasks and calls) to coordinate their work.

The module "EspoCRM Advanced Shared Calendar" enables to add individual users events to the shared calendar, so their events and tasks appear in tags "Month", "Week" and "Day".

Admin Functions

Installation guide

To install the module, go to Administration > Extensions, select the module archive and click on "Upload".



After installation of the module you have to "rebuild" the system (in Administration> Rebuild, marked with "1" on the screenshot) and to clear the local cache (marked with "2" on the screenshot).


Installation of accesses to events

The possibilities to view, edit, and delete events and tasks are set up in the role settings of EspoCRM.

In the role settings you can set separately for each event type:

  • Meeting
  • Call
  • Task
  • Calendar*

In the block "Scope Level", you can specify explicit rules for access to events. The option "Access" enables the access rules setup and has the following options:

  • Not set – the additional permissions are not set, but the default permissions, which are set in the administration, are valid, i.e. if the checkbox "ACL strict mode" on the page Administration> Settings is activated - everything is forbidden that is not explicitly allowed. If the checkbox is deactivated, everything is allowed that is not explicitly forbidden.
  • Enabled – the permissions and permissions levels (own or team) are set individually for activities with events (create, edit ...).
  • Disabled – there are no permissions to access foreign entries.

If the Access option "Enabled" is selected, detailed permissions for user actions can be set to:

  • Create – enables creating new events.
  • Read – enables viewing events. If e.g. user may view the calendar, but events – not, while opening the meeting from the calendar an error will be displayed.
  • Edit – enables editing events . If a user may view the event but may not edit it, the buttons for editing will be unavailable to him, and it won't be possible to save the changes.
  • Delete – enables deleting events.

The permissions levels determinate to which entries the permissions can be applied. The following permissions levels are possible:

  • all - user has access to all calendar entries within the portal or the entire EspoCRM system.
  • team - user has access to calendar entries assigned of all users, who belong to his team.
  • own - user has access only to his own calendar entries, i.e. to the entries, where this user is specified in the field "Assigned to". Only one user can be specified in the field "Assigned to".
  • no - user has no permissions.

If a user has permissions to view an event, he automatically has access to all fields of the event. In the administration, it is possible to specify the permissions also at the field level, so the administrator can specify whether a user can see or edit a concrete field.

*Calendar has only "Access" setup

User Functions

To view the events and tasks of the other users in calendar you need to:

  1. Go to the calendar page and select the option "Shared" from the drop-down list

Shared Calendar

  1. Select the users, whose events and tasks should be displayed by clicking the button with the pen symbol next to mode selection, add the users and save the changes.

Manage Users

Add Users

Then the events and tasks of selected users will be displayed in the calendar with color marks. In such a way it can be specified, which user owns this event or task. The colors of these marks are set in the user settings.

User Color

If the user color is not set, it is randomly generated while saving the blank field. This action is also performed during creating new users after the module installation.

At the bottom of the calendar is a list of selected users.

Events, Tasks and Legend

The events "Meeting" and "Call" are displayed in the calendars of all their user-participants. I.e. one event can appear several times in the same shared calendar, when user views the calendars of several participants of the same event.

Together with the EspoCRM Advanced Shared Calendar you receive:


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