EspoCRM Advanced Lead Conversion

By default, EspoCRM allows to start the conversion process only one time for each Lead. So, if you've already created, e.g., a contact from a lead, you cannot create an account or an opportunity from it.

Our module "EspoCRM Advanced Lead Conversion" allows to convert a Lead into "Account", "Contact" or "Opportunity" several times. Also, if you have, for example, converted a Lead into an opportunity and would like to do it again, you simply have to delete the connection between the old opportunity and the Lead.

Administrator Functions

Module installation in EspoCRM

  1. To install the module, go to Administration > Extensions, select the file with the module, click on "UPLOAD" and confirm the installation.


  1. After installing the module will be displayed in the module list.

  2. After installing (and deactivating) the module, it is recommended to rebuild the software (marked with 1 on the screenshot) and to clear the local cache (marked with 2 on the screenshot).

after install

Deactivation and reactivation of the module

  • The module appears in the list of installed EspoCRM modules in Administration> Extensions. This list contains the name of the module, its version, and a short description. In the list of actions there is an option to deactivate the module.
  • After deactivation of the module its functions disappear from EspoCRM (Button „Convert“ on the lead's page, which has already been converted, and the option to convert it again).
  • After reactivating the module, the functions of the module are completely restored.

User functions

To convert a lead:

  1. Open the page of the lead to be converted (and which has already been converted) and click on „Convert“.


  1. In the next interface, you can select (tick) the entities, into which it's possible to convert, i. e. there are no relationships yet. The entities into which the Lead has already been converted are inactive.

Lead Conversion

If you have, for example, converted a Lead into an Opportunity and would like to do it again, you just have to delete the connection between the old opportunity and the lead.

delete relation

Together with the EspoCRM Advanced Lead Conversion you receive:


Do you have special requests? We are happy to adapt the module to your needs! Our services are billed at an hourly rate of EUR 45 net.


You get the updates (without installation) for 12 months after your purchase at no extra charge.


We offer free support during the first 3 months after purchase. After this period, we will charge you EUR 45 net per hour.

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