EspoCRM 2-Level-Navigation

Module makes possible the grouping of links in your Navigation menu in order to improve the usability of your CRM System for the users. Thanks to this module you can group together the navigation points which belong together, for example, calls, tasks, calendar, e-mails can be grouped together in «Activities». The module is compatible with both vertical and horizontal navigation menus.

User Guide

After installing and configuration by the administrator users see 2-Level Navigation. By clicking on the group name, navigation points which belong to one group can be folded and unfolded.


Every user can set up his own navigation menu, to do this it’s necessary to tick the checkbox "Custom Tab List" in User Preferences > User Interface. Using the buttons "Add" and "Add Group" you can add those menu items and groups which you need. By using Drag-and-Drop can be changed the order of navigation points and groups.


Administrator Guide

Administrator should open Administration > User Interface to be able to make the settings.

Please note that after the module installation the tab "..." will no longer be available to hide the remaining navigation points. In module 2-Level Navigation we assume that all navigation points are to be grouped. After deinstalling the module, the tab "..." will be available again. One menu item can be used in navigation only once. So, in order to add one item to a group, at first you have to delete it from menu (click on “x” near the appropriate menu item).

To create a new navigational group, click on the button “Add Group”: add-group

To create a new navigational group, you should assign a name to this group. A renaming is currently not possible. To change the name of the group, you should create a new group with a correct name and delete the old one with the wrong name.


To add navigation points to the navigational group, click on “+” Icon near the appropriate group and choose one or more navigation points. An empty navigational group won’t be shown in the navigation menu.


The order within one group or groups and ungrouped navigation points can be very easily configured via Drag-and-Drop.

Installation Guide

The module can be installed as a usual EspoCRM module. For more information go to .


After the installation of module in the Navigation menu a point "delimiter" appears instead of “…”, and menu items which have been hidden will be shown.

After installation of the module, the navigation menu is as follows:


_delimiter_ is to be deleted by administrator.

After Updates and Upgrades of EspoCRM all settings which have been made should remain. If they disappear, the module should be reinstalled, settings which have been made earlier will be restored, because the module stores them in a separate file.

Together with the EspoCRM 2-Level-Navigation you receive:


Do you have special requests? We are happy to adapt the module to your needs! Our services are billed at an hourly rate of EUR 45 net.


You get the updates (without installation) for 12 months after your purchase at no extra charge.


We offer free support during the first 3 months after purchase. After this period, we will charge you EUR 45 net per hour.

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