Web-based Contract Management and CRM System


  • Development of a highly individualized CRM system
  • Automation of customer management
  • Automation of contract management
  • Simplification of financial planning
  • Import and export of data in CSV format
  • Performance optimization


  • Data warehousing - all contracts and their key information are available electronically and evaluable
  • Semi-automatic financial planning according to IFRS
  • Creation of controlling reports - graphics and PDF documents
  • Reminder function by e-mail covers all business processes


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • Ext JS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL


Our customer, Invitel Ukraine, has set us the task of developing a web-based software solution to optimize our own business processes in terms of customer and contract management. The company operates in the telecommunications industry and has a large number of short and long term contracts for both leasing and broadband capacity rental.


The system should be used to organize customer and contract data and to facilitate their collection and adaptation. On the other hand, the system should simplify monthly and annual planning and generate reports for the controlling department. If necessary, the planning should be based on current accounting figures. The interfaces should be developed to efficiently link the two systems.


Thanks to our solution, all project goals were successfully achieved. The CRM system has made daily work much easier and qualitatively better. Access to the system is straightforward and possible from anywhere. So that the CRM tool works efficiently, we have realized the transfer of information from 1C software to CRM system via automatic interface. The data is mainly delivered in CSV format.


In order to make the system friendly, convenient, and above all efficient for the users, the FrontJust ExtJS Framework was chosen, not least because this framework is specially designed for the creation of Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

Thanks to the ExtJS Framework, it was possible to dynamically execute the new content, documents and graphics without reloading the page. Since the framework is pretty "severe," we seriously struggled with the performance issues that were successfully solved with the help of code optimization.


Our CRM solution has simplified and automated the company's financial planning. A lot of attention was paid to contract management. Users are able to manage all contracts concluded in the tool in order to evaluate all related revenues and expenses. Furthermore, this information is used directly for planning. In addition to contract information, financial planning includes capex planning data as well as the current evaluation of future depreciation for existing assets and the average values on accounting accounts that are not scheduled.