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  • EspoCRM administration
  • Backups, updates
  • Troubleshooting
  • Individualization of the CRM system
  • EspoCRM configurations, design
  • Automation of customer management and communication
  • Automation of contract management
  • Simplification of financial planning
  • Performance optimization


  • Administration
  • Individualization of the CRM system
  • Creation of modules, extension of system functionality


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • AJAX
  • Ext JS
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL


Our customer, ISG Abrechnungsmanagement GmbH, has assigned us the task of setting up a web-based CRM system EspoCRM in order to optimize their business processes related to customer management. The Company is an innovative billing service provider with a large number of customers and customer communications.


The system should be used to organize customer data and communications efficiently, and to facilitate their collection and processing.


Through our solution, all project goals have been successfully achieved. The CRM system has made daily work much easier and qualitatively better. Access to the system is straightforward and possible from anywhere.


In order to make the system user-friendly, convenient and efficient, a lot of the installable modules have been developed:

  • Advanced Shared Calendar
  • Checklist Field Type
  • Duplicate & Link Contacts
  • Advanced Lead Conversion
  • Phone number validation
  • Autocomplete fields, etc.

Our CRM solution has considerably simplified and automated the company's work processes.

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The integration of EspoCRM automates customer and contract management, simplifies financial planning, and optimizes various business processes. The user interface is clear, tidy and intuitive to use.