Update to OXID 6, Design and Further Development > knoll-elektro.de


  • Update from OXID 4 to OXID 6
  • Update of the modules
  • Conception and creation of design
  • Installation of modules
  • Stylization of template for the start page (corporate colors, logos, etc.)
  • Adjustments to the category / subcategory page (programming and frontend)
  • Adjustments to the article page (programming and frontend)
  • Adjustment of footer and header
  • Customization of product card on the category page
  • Adjustments to the shopping cart, checkout, other pages (programming and frontend)
  • Customization of content pages (My Account, About Us, etc.)
  • Customization of e-mail templates
  • Individual programming


  • Data and function transfer to the new OXID 6 Shop
  • Installation and setup of the intelligent search module "OXID Sphinx Search with Autocomplete"
  • Installation and setup of the sitemap module "OXID XML Sitemap, Google Analytics and Ecommerce Tracking
  • Setup of sitemap.xml
  • Carousel with top offers (adjustments of product cards)
  • Programming the top header with benefits
  • Programming the display of graduated prices
  • Placing the blocks with top sellers on the main category page
  • Transfer of filtering from the old online shop.
  • Synchronization with ERP system. Update of the ERP interface
  • Programming of PIM import


  • OXID eShop
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


On the start page the customer can see the latest top offers, new products and bestsellers at a glance. Thanks to the responsive design, the shop is optimally displayed on all displays.


Category Page

A wide range of products is offered on the category page of the shop. It is well structured and attracts the customer to shopping.


Sub-Category Page

The sub-category page is well structured. All customers can find something for their taste and budget.