Update to OXID 6 and template customizations > inkosafe.de


  • Shop update on OXID 6
  • Modules update and customization for OXID 6
  • Usability evaluation
  • Stylization of the template for homepage
  • Category / subcategory page and article page customization
  • Customization content pages (My Account, About Us, etc.)
  • Adjustment of footer and header
  • Customization of the registration form
  • Creation of the mega-menu
  • Display of the graduated prices
  • Customization of e-mail templates
  • SEO optimization
  • Individual programming


  • We conducted the usability analysis of the store with respect to the older target group to uncover the vulnerabilities that could negatively impact conversion rates.
  • Update the OXID version from 4 to 6 based on the findings from the usability analysis of the old shop. As a result, a new OXID 6 shop and additional functionalities were implemented.
  • Installation and setup of the modules (OXID Image Optimizer for image optimization, GDPR opt-in modules, SEO-Optimizer)
  • Integration of Newsletter Marketing Tool CleverReach
  • Installation and setup of payment modules and shipping modules
  • Integration of Doofinder and creation of a separate feed for Doofinder.
  • Creation of Google Shopping Feeds
  • Programming and integration of the top header with advantages
  • Carousel with top offers and brand logos. Clicking on logos will redirect you to the corresponding manufacturer page.
  • Display of the SEO text on the start page, placed above the footer, and on the category / subcategory page.
  • We have added the item "Help & Information" in the header.
  • Incorporate the CMS block wildcard between the header and the content on all pages.
  • Expansion of the standard PopUp feature. When adding the item to the cart, a pop-up will appear and below will also show the accessories / or similar items
  • The possibility to change the quantity in the mini cart.


  • OXID eShop 4
  • OXID eShop 6
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


The homepage of inkosafe.de looks tidy and helps the customer to concentrate on the essential. On the start page, the SEO text is displayed, placed over the footer.


Category Page

We have adapted the category and sub-category pages according to customer requirements. On the sub-category page, the articles are displayed in tile and gallery view.


Product Page

On the product page, there is all the necessary information (product images, descriptions, product features, etc.), so that the customer can make a correct purchase decision.