Template Customizations and Creation of Plugins for Shopware 5 › loveco-shop.de


  • For loveco we have made the template adjustments, which has a positive effect on the conversion rate.
  • The individual Shopware plugins have been programmed, which has significantly improved the shopping experience in the shop.


  • Development of the Top-Header Plugin (color can be changed, it can be activated / deactivated, URLs can be built in to alert shop-visitors to actions / news)
  • Programming of the Sticky menu - the entire header area is built into a line when scrolling the page and fixed in the upper area. This keeps all header elements always accessible and visible. This simplifies shop navigation, especially for new visitors.
  • Development of the Shopware plugin for the connection to the Mailchimp e-Commerce functions
  • Adaptation of Heidelpay plugin for Paypal Gateway


  • Shopware
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • ExtJS


The start page is the heart of the online shop. Here you will find current information about current offers or new products.


Category page

Category page is well structured so that the customer can focus on the products.Kategorieseite wirkt klar und übersichtlich, die ist gut strukturiert und hilft dem Benutzer, sich auf die Produkte zu konzentrieren.Category page is well structured so that the customer can focus on the products.


Product page

On the product page we have programmed the accordion menu. The page becomes more compact, the product description is better structured. You have the product description in styles; Material and care; Split fit, etc. This simplified the buying process because the user could find the necessary info faster.