Online shop relaunch with Shopware 5


  • Concept development based on the findings from the usability evaluation of the old shop.
  • Individual responsive design for the new shop (Shopware 5). This increased the number of visitors and length of stay in the online shop.
  • Data import from Magento 1 to Shopware.
  • Performance and SEO optimization
  • Create a separate image sitemap for faster and better indexing of images from Google.
  • Creation of product feeds for and
  • Programming individual plugins.


  • The sold-out art plug-in that highlights the sold-out items, greyed out and displays at the end of each category. As a result, Google's indexing remained available for sold-out items. The sold-out items are excluded from the Sliders "Top Offers / Similar / Accessories". After all, the user has the opportunity on the product page of the sold-out article to leave his e-mail to be notified of the re-availability of the article.
  • The Verkausfaktion plugin. This plugin allows to enter the start / end date, time of the action; to determine the action name; the items for which the discount applies and the rebate rate for the promotion. The action started and ended automatically.
  • In order to reduce the return rate, a manufacturer-specific size chart was installed for each item. In addition, each item was shown as the size of this item fails.
  • In addition to the standard payment methods, we have installed and set up the Stripe plugin in the shop, which has had a positive effect on conversion rates.
  • The articles from the leaflet are displayed in the shopping cart, so that the customer has the opportunity to buy them.


  • Magento 1
  • Shopware 5
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 5.6
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • ExtJS

Start page

On the start page, the highlights and top offers are displayed to draw the attention of the visitors to selected articles.


Category page

Separate categories "New", "Sale%" and "Manufacturer" have been added. To New and Sale the articles were automatically added according to defined rules.Kategorieseite wirkt klar und übersichtlich, die ist gut strukturiert und hilft dem Benutzer, sich auf die Produkte zu konzentrieren.Separate categories "New", "Sale%" and "Manufacturer" have been added. To New and Sale the articles were automatically added according to defined rules.