Redesign and Support of an OXID Online Shop ›


  • Conception and coordination of the new layouts and the design with the customer
  • Adaptation of our OXID Responsive Template Moderna to the customer's wishes and requirements
  • Development of modern and user-friendly layouts that meet the modern requirements in the eCommerce area
  • Individual programming
  • Filtering by color
  • Connection to the MCN ERP system
  • Conception, design and integration of a WordPress blog
  • Integration of the desired shipping and payment methods
  • SEO optimization of the online shop
  • Import of articles, orders and customer data from the old shop
  • Testing and Bug Removal
  • Ongoing support of the online shop
  • Consultation


  • Responsive design with compliance with CI
  • Great pictures for better and more beautiful presentation of handmade offers
  • Intelligent search function - if you type in the search term, you see in the autocomplete window not only matching search results, but also appropriate categories
  • Gift wrapping service
  • Coupon service with a personal message
  • WordPress blog adapted to the corporate style
  • Payment methods are integrated using the "Ogone" module
  • The responsive design of the online shop is based on our OXID Moderna template and is highly individualized
  • Creation of a module for the optimization of the loading times by adaptation of the product images


  • Oxid
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 5.6
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • Oxid Framework


In the online shop you can buy ethnic crafts from all over the world. Creative accessories from Guatemala, India, Colombia, Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco and many other countries are sold here. offers products not only in Germany but also in Austria and Switzerland as well as in Benelux and Scandinavia.


The online shop owners have set themselves the goals to increase the user-friendliness of the shop and to give the shop a modern and attractive look. The new online shop should have responsive design and match the corporate style. Our agency was commissioned to create a user-friendly online shop with an attractive and modern design in compliance with the existing CI.


We have redesigned the online shop based on our Moderna OXID template version 1.0. The template Moderna offers many interesting features for OXID and is 100% user-friendly on desktops, tablets and smartphones at the same time. All customer requests were 100% unset. The synchronization of the articles with MCN WaWi has worked flawlessly even after the relaunch.



Gift service

We have programmed an additional "Packaging" function in the shopping cart. The available packaging alternatives are displayed there. By clicking on the link "nothing selected" a pop-up will open in which the desired gift box can be selected from the list. Then you can move the product into the shopping cart. In addition, you can leave a message to the recipient in this pop-up.

Search function

We have programmed an intelligent search function for a better searchability of article variants. If you type in a color in the search mask, the customer sees in the autocomplete the image of the article variant in the desired color. When clicking on the article, the customer arrives at the product page where the desired color has already been preselected.

Adaptation of the "Ogone" module

We have updated the latest version and additional customization of the "Ogone" module for connecting many local and international payment methods.


The start page is well structured and neatly designed. We have created the responsive design of the online shop based on our OXID Moderna template and highly individualized.


Category Page

On the category page a wide range of products is presented and all customers can find something for their taste and budget.


Product Page

On the product page, there is all the necessary information (product images, descriptions, product features, etc.), so that the customer can make a correct purchase decision.