Redesign and Further Development of a Breed Cat Portal ›


  • Concept development of the new online shop based on requirements of the target group
  • Creation of clickable wireframes for the fastest possible recording of project requirements and for optimal visualization of the proposed solutions
  • Development of an individual design for the new online portal
  • Programming the template
  • Usability evaluation and evaluation of customer journeys, to find a truly optimal solutions
  • Sending newsletters about news and promotions
  • Additional services can be ordered in Checkout
  • Management of albums
  • Evaluation function for the buyers
  • Implementation of a customer account with numerous functions
  • Booking and reservation of cats
  • Implementation of different shipping methods
  • Photo and video download
  • Wish list function
  • Create a list of comparable orders (using the same criteria) to facilitate shipping
  • Many other individual programming


  • Multilingual multi-shop system
  • Automation of business processes
  • Special navigation for easy selection and acquisition of cats
  • Intelligent automated pricing according to predetermined rules
  • Purchase contract types - Direct types and various auctions
  • Personalized notifications via emails and social media
  • Acquisition of the right to priority purchase
  • Flexible setting of the acceptable purchase types per offer
  • Module for statistics and control of KPIs
  • Fast website performance for customers from all over the world thanks to CDN technology
  • Integration with 1C ERP
  • Integration with other third party systems


  • Codeigniter
  • PHP7
  • MySQL


Our client, the owner of a breeding center for highly bred cats, had an outdated website. The business processes were mostly manual, took a long time, and were error prone. Growing demand, especially from abroad, had aggravated the situation, but also highlighted the new opportunities.


The customer has approached us with the request to relaunch the previous website as a full breed cat portal with a built-in online shop and to adapt the business processes to the existing challenges, we should develop a concept for its optimization and implement it. The task was to create the best website in this business segment compared to the competitors from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The new online portal should be modern, user-friendly and geared to an international business.


We've created an online portal for the sale of Rassenkassen, which is currently without a doubt one of the best in the world. This drives the international business of our customer and offers optimal loading times worldwide thanks to the CDN technology. The online shop offers many useful functions not only for the visitors, but also for the admin to save their time. Our solution is connected to 1C ERP, many repetitive processes have been automated and take only a fraction of the previously necessary working time to deposit and process an order. Thanks to the integration of the newsletter dispatch and implementation of the notification functions, we have achieved a higher level of customer loyalty. So in the case of a long absence of the customer on the website, he is lured back to the website about the individually tailored offers that could be potentially interesting. For the admin, we have programmed a very convenient admin area to efficiently manage the online portal as well as to control and control all important processes from there.


Special features of the category page:

  • Intuitive filters
  • Intuitive search thanks to using tabs "For Sale", "Video", "Manufacturers", "Graduates" etc.
  • Slider for image display on category pages
  • Display of the basic information on the cat card
  • Possibility to book or buy the cat directly on the category page.


The start page is the customer's first impression of the online shop and entices the customer to shop.


Product Page

Special features of the product page:

  • Display of detailed information in tabular form
  • fix the current and previous prices for quick price comparison
  • The possibility to look at the cat pictures and videos
  • You can download the cat pictures in their original format
  • The images are protected with a watermark
  • Heading for each picture indicating the name and age of the cat
  • Ability to subscribe to the single cat page to track the possible changes
  • Possibility to add the cats to the wish list, to book and to buy from there immediately
  • Display of the cat breed
  • Display of the cat's pedigree