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  • Programming individual plugins


  • For Magnetix we have programmed the new plugins on customer request.
  • Shopware plugin same gross price at different VAT rates: despite the different VAT rates for different countries, the same item prices are displayed. The VAT rate will be displayed correctly for the country of delivery indicated. Opening the web page automatically determines the user's location.
  • The plugin allows you to add a list of currencies to each country.
  • Further development of the standard import / export plug-in: the plug-in makes it possible to process the price data for each currency in a CSV file. Added to the prices are the attributes where prices are set in different currencies. The price will be calculated according to the selected currency.


  • Shopware 5
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • ExtJS


On the homepage of, the customer can see all advantages of this shop. When opening the shop, the location of the user is determined automatically.


Category page

The category page of the online shop represents the whole product range and different filters facilitate the selection for the customers.


Product page

The product page allows you to view the product in detail.