Programming of a Jacket Configurator for OXID Online Shop ›


  • Conception and sketching of the configurator
  • Creation of an individual design based on the corporate identity of the shop owner
  • Creation of the template for the configurator
  • Implementation of configurator functions for end users and shop administrator
  • Selection lists of Oxide can be used in the configurator
  • Configuration of the module is available in the admin panel in English and German


  • Wide range of jackets for configuration on the category page with configured articles
  • Dynamic pricing on the configurator page immediately after selecting the options
  • Possibility to put the article in the shopping cart after the configuration and to order it
  • Configuration of the individual jacket is available in 2 languages: English and German


  • Oxid eShop
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 5.6
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL


JN by JN LLOVET is a premium fashion label specializing in leather and inspired by travel around the whole world, love for adventure and beauty of life. The idea was born on the streets of South America. The online shop offers unique fashion articles in different product categories.


In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the offered articles even more, it should be developed a configurator for individualized jackets for oxide shop of the customer. The configurator should allow shop visitors to configure and order really personalized articles themselves.


All project goals were achieved and the configurator programmed by us fully meets the customer requirements. The configurator allows to configure the articles with the desired quality, typography, cuffs, lining and size, as well as the image for the back of the jacket. In our solution, we have adhered strictly to the programming standards of Oxide. There were used the selection lists and the configurator has many great features to simplify the ordering process for the customer.


6 steps to create a dream jacket yourself:

  1. Quality

    Here, the customer selects the leather (lamb or cow leather) and the color of the desired jacket.

  2. Image

    You can order the jacket without or with the picture on the back. Other available options: only with the application or with the application and text.

  3. Typography

    The customer can place the text in white or black on the back. When you are typing, the text immediately appears on the jacket.

  4. Cuffs

    The jacket can be ordered with or without cuffs. The selected option is immediately displayed to the customer.

  5. Lining

    Here you choose the right lining option.

  6. Size

    The last step - to choose the right size. The jacket is ready and you can put the configured article in the shopping cart.


The design of the homepage gives the customer the first impression of the online shop.


Category Page

On the category page with configured items, there is a wide selection of jackets for configuration.


Configurator Page

We have created an attractive design of the configurator on the product page. The configured result is displayed as an image.