Performance and Usability Optimization of an OXID EE shop ›


Elektro Wandelt is one of Europe's largest online shops in the category of home technology and electrical goods. This OXID EE based online shop offers over 80,000 products.

  • Continuous shop support and shop further development
  • Optimization of the server infrastructure
  • Setup and support of the Varnish server
  • Numerous template adjustments
  • Optimization of the mobile version
  • Individual programming
  • Optimization of shop navigation
  • Performance and conversion optimization
  • Programming of individual OXID modules


  • Adaptation of the product box layout (meter display, variants, energy label, ratings) on the category page
  • Customization of the product overview page (anchor navigation, eKomi reviews integration, OEM articles, LoadBee implementation)
  • Integration of many OXID modules (PayPal Plus, eKomi module, etc.)
  • Data feeds preparing for Facebook Remarketing, Google Shopping
  • Integration and customization of Econda widgets
  • Programming of sticky menu
  • Programming of returns management


  • PHP
  • OXID eShop
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Performance Optimization OXID Shop

For Elektro Wandelt the subject of online shop loading speed has a high priority. The optimized shop performance leads to an increase in the conversion rate and the user friendliness, to the better ranking with the search engines and of course to the increase of the sales.

Before we performed the steps for performance optimization, the performance of this OXID shop was analyzed with various tools. Based on the findings, the following performance optimization measures were taken:

  • With the Image Optimizer module the weight and size of graphical content for different screen resolutions were optimized.
  • Static content is cached by ngnix
  • The items are added to the cart with AJAX
  • CSS, JavaScript minimization
  • HTTP requests have been optimized
  • The new HTTP / 2 protocol has been set up
  • The server architecture has been changed
  • Server migration without setting the daily operation
  • Use in-house solution OXID Varnish Cache Performance.


  • Reduce page load times by 25%;
  • (TTFB) has been reduced by 55%;
  • During the collaboration with TreoLabs, sales increased by double-digit percentage.

Optimization of Usability

For usability optimization for both shop visitors and shop managers, many OXID modules have been programmed, including:

  • OXID Exit Popup Module
  • OXID Special Price Module
  • OXID Image Optimizer Module
  • OXID Module for creating and managing banner ads
  • OEM Item OXID Module
  • Returns management

Optimization of Doofinder Search Results

There are no filters in this OXID shop. To improve the shopping experience for shop visitors, doofinder's search engine has been enhanced and adapted to help customers find the item they are looking for as quickly as possible.

  • Customizing the product box layout: display of stock availability, delivery times, ratings; Tooltips with info
  • Possibility to place the items directly in the doofinder search window in the shopping cart
  • Top products display
  • Suggestions display
  • Voice search.