OXID Online Shop Relaunch and Redesign > agilpharma.de


  • The new OXID online shop for agilpharma.de was realized on the basis of the OXID Professional Edition
  • Individual shop design was implemented with consideration for the target group Silver Surfer or Generation 50 Plus
  • Integration and extension of the intelligent search module for OXID Shop
  • Installation and setup payment and shipping modules
  • Connection to an ERP system, programming of the interface
  • Trusted Shop Certification
  • On-Page SEO Optimization
  • Custom programming


  • The concept and custom design for the new shop was created by TreoLabs.
  • The design was adapted to the needs and usability requirements of the target group Silver Surfer or Generation 50 Plus.
  • Frontend Implementation of the responsive design of this OXID shop guarantees a consistently high level of user-friendliness on all devices and in all browsers
  • Bidirectional interface has been developed between OXID Shop and the ERP system used by Agilpharma.
  • Guides: with Visual Editor, the landing pages were prepared with purchase-relevant content. The other new content can be easily and quickly maintained by the shop owner himself.
  • Programming of the OXID product bundles module
  • Integration and enhancement of the OXID Sphinx search module (Treolabs), so that not only the articles and categories but also the content pages are searched.


  • OXID eShop
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


  • Erstellung des erweiterten Footers mit der Customizing-Funktion.
  • Programmierung des Megamenüs, um innerhalb des Shops eine benutzerfreundliche Navigation zu ermöglichen.
  • Sticky Header, um durchgehend die Navigationselemente zugänglich zu machen.
  • Benutzerfreundliche Kontaktseite mit eingebauten FAQs.
  • Da viele Artikel erklärungsbedürftig sind, wurden in der rechten Sidebar die sofort verfügbaren Kontaktmöglichkeiten eingebaut.

Category Page

  • Programming the SEO module for adding category and subcategory texts.
  • For optimal user experience, the larger fonts, larger images with the self-explanatory icons were used.

Product Page

  • Programming of the calculator for the expected delivery date depending on the stock and the order time.
  • Creation of the product-dependent graphic badges, which can be easily controlled via the product attributes. They inform shop visitors about the special features of the product (vegan, gluten-free, etc.). If the user moves the mouse over one of these icons, further information about this will be displayed in text form in a tool tip.
  • The tabs have different names or breakdown depending on category affiliation.