Customization and Support of a Plentymarkets Online Shop ›


  • Cloning the existing online store for clothing sales
  • Loading time improvement through HTML and CSS optimization and image compression
  • Connection of a blog and integration of a finished blog template
  • Implementation of marketing measures: integration of Bing UET tag, Zanox code, Facebook Remarketing Conversion Tracker, implementation of dynamic remarketing
  • Integration with Social Media: Installation of Facebook Plugin, Twitter Tracking Code, Pinterest Share Button, Facebook Custom Audience Pixel
  • Integration of payment methods Amazon Payment and Paypal Plus and corresponding adjustments in the checkout
  • All sorts of template customizations
  • Usability optimization in the mobile version


  • Search entries by shop visitors are transferred to Google Analytics thanks to the setting up of the destinations
  • Average value of the product ratings is displayed in the footer area of category pages
  • Customers from different countries will see different phone numbers
  • The service of is used to determine the country of origin


  • PlentyMarkets
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript


The peculiarity of the older versions of plentymarkets is that adjustments and extensions were only possible in the frontend, ie in the template, access to server-side programming is not possible. As a result, no plugins or modules could be individually programmed and installed. This software architecture created many stumbling blocks for developers, who were expected to have a little more customization at plentymarket's online stores.


In the online shop customizable items are sold. However, the shop owner wanted to offer his customers even more options for customizing jewelry, so you can upload your own photos, as well as determine their placement on an article with associated text. The only alternative was to host the source files and scripts of an existing, ready-to-use product configurator on its own server and then display it via Ajax and Embedding in the customer shop.


For customizing items in the shop, a pop-up for product configuration will be opened by selecting the font and a desired icon. In the old solution, the possible fonts and icons were shown next to dropdowns with the selection, which was not clear and unfriendly, especially on mobile devices. But we've changed it so that the fonts and icons can be displayed directly in dropdowns and selected the same, keeping them in the customer's moment. Our solution also required the adaptation to the new plentymarkets Tempalte. We have managed to optimally realize all customer requests and requirements.


Thanks to the modern design, the online shop attracts new customers and arouses your interest in the products. The responsive presentation offers a cross-device shopping experience.


Category Page

On the category page, people photos are displayed on mouseover by always calling the 3rd photo from the image gallery of each product.


Product Page

Each product page is informative and well-structured so that the user can get an idea of the product. We have also integrated an external product configurator to expand the possibilities for product design in the shop.