Individualized CRM and ERP System for Courier Service ›


  • Creation of a web-based solution for a courier service (courier service software)
  • Highly individualized CRM and ERP system
  • Customer management
  • Driver management
  • Order management (scheduling, creation, disposition)
  • Reporting for management, accounting, customers and drivers


  • Integration with SMS-Gate
  • Integration with navigation systems
  • Advanced role management
  • Internet failure protection
  • Complete control by hot keys on keyboard


  • Zend Framework 2
  • Doctrine 2
  • Bootstrap
  • AJAX
  • PHP5
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PostgreSQL


Rotrunner GmbH & Co. KG is a courier service from Dusseldorf, initially started as a pure bicycle courier, Rotrunner offers today the entire range of logistics services such as bicycle courier, car courier, support services of all kinds.

For over 10 years, Rotrunner has been working with a disposition program called "KuriOS", which works as an MS-DOS application to handle the scheduling and billing of orders. KuriOS was developed to satisfy as many courier services as possible and therefore had many features that were uninteresting for Rotrunner and weren't needed. Since KuriOS software is no longer supported by the developers, Rotrunner needed a new modern web-based CRM and ERP solution to control internal processes.


The following goals have been defined for the development of a new solution:

  • The new system should be a complete replacement for the old system.
  • The new system should automate and simplify all internal business processes.
  • The solution should be built modular and expandable.
  • Interfaces to third-party system roles are to be developed, e.g. to receive or send order data from other systems.
  • It should be possible to enter a real address within Germany correctly and quickly.
  • The new solution should be web-based and fast.


We have developed an individualized CRM and ERP system for the customer and are working on the further development of our solution. The new system covers all customer business processes related to order fulfillment, customer management, driver management, reporting, pricing and billing. Our solution is connected to third-party systems via connectors in order to ensure fully automated data exchange with them. Special challenges of the system were the fast loading times in the user interface and the use of hotkeys for the employees, so that the orders can be picked up and processed faster. Project management took place through SCRUM and the first results were very fast to see.


Customer management

Customers can receive individual discounts per order or by invoice. Depending on the payment method of the customer, the service provider may limit his payment options to cash.

In a customer profile several addresses and contacts can be stored. In addition to the default address, any other address can be used to create new jobs. E-mailing for billing or marketing purposes has been automated.

It's easy to add a new payment, view the history of a customer's payments and orders, see his or her open position, perform automatic dunning, or manually manage client status. Delivery notes and invoices can be easily generated and requested from the system.

All invoices, delivery notes and other generated reports and documents are also available via FTP.

Driver management

Driver card contains all the most important information about the driver: tax code, vehicle parameters that are taken into account when placing the order, contact settings for SMS dispatch and tracking of orders.

In order to manage drivers more efficiently, it is possible to compare income and productivity using the BigBucks feature. In addition, the parameters of the vehicle, the location and the wishes of the customer can be taken into account.

A summary of all driver jobs for a selected period can be exported in * .xlsx format for efficient reporting and analysis.

Order management

An order for an existing customer can be picked up on the phone and stored in the system within a few seconds. Most fields can be completed automatically. The customer can use aliases for frequently used customers, drivers and addresses. Thanks to the functions "standard trips" and "last 10 journeys" the employees of Rotrunner can save a lot of time and effort.

A dispatcher can choose between manual job distribution (when selecting the right driver and immediate assignment of a job), manual or automatic future job distribution (when entering a job with future date automatically assigned to a particular driver), or choosing job planner (in the future) to create a specific customer automatically according to the specific rules). The assigned driver receives an SMS with the order data immediately after the disposition.

Multiple order statuses help to track the delivery better. You can also work with future and past orders. The history of the entire order processing is logged.

The calculation of the order price is automatic and can depend on many parameters: distance (calculated via the Google Distance API), individually selectable additional services, discounts, vehicle type, execution day / time, etc.

Dispatchers can save personal dashboards with their favorite widgets and table views. You get automatic reminders about the redistributed jobs and can send notifications to your colleagues.

The map widget allows you to see driver placement and routes on a map.

Completed orders can be converted automatically or manually into the delivery notes. Users with specific rights can create, edit, or delete orders.

System configuration

Many things are adjustable in the system: process flow, pricing, client and driver types etc. Notifying dispatchers about such events as pending orders, notifying drivers about their jobs via SMS, creating and deleting scheduled jobs, handling debtors, etc. were automated.

Our application is integrated with Google Distance Matrix API and Google Static Map. This provides SMS delivery via the Gateway, Map & Guide. Customer data and delivery notes can be exported as CSV.

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