Creation of a product configurator based on Shopware >


  • Programming the product configurator as iFrame based on Shopware
  • Installation of iFrame in WordPress page
  • Preparation and implementation of user experience optimized design
  • Real-time price calculation with many dependencies
  • Programming the 3D live product preview
  • Programming of the delivery time calculator
  • Transfer of the configuration, price calculation, product previews to checkout, e-mail
  • Customized file storage requirements implemented on the server
  • Backend programming for editing of university logos
  • Many plugins are installed and set up for better usability


  • Programming a user-friendly product configurator for binding the printing work
  • The product configurator should be responsive and high performance
  • Multilingual, multi-currency and sub-shop capable
  • All product changes with visualization in real-time update
  • Dynamic price calculation for each option selection
  • The pre-configured work should be checked before printing as a 3D live preview
  • iFrame based on Shopware
  • Many advanced tooltips and pop-ups to help the user create the configuration quickly and with little effort.
  • The challenge for TreoLabs was that most configured products should be delivered to customers within 24 hours.


  • Shopware
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL

Creation of a Product Configurator Based on Shopware

  • Development of the OnePage configurator for binding of the printing work.
  • Many design and customization options and dependencies were taken into account during product configuration
  • The files uploaded by the user should be validated according to established rules
  • Real-time pricing during product configuration was an important construction site. Each selected element can influence the total price.
  • Extras and accessories - with choice of colors, folding plan formats, uploading the files
  • The user can e.g. define to which page the folding plan should be inserted. It is visualized in 3D product preview.
  • The pre-configured configuration can be sent by mobile devices via email.

Programming of Delivery Time Calculator

  • The delivery date calculator calculates the fastest delivery date depending on the the order date, holidays, country, postcode area, etc.
  • As a result, the user gets the available delivery methods and the expected date displayed
  • It calculates the fastest delivery time in real time, with a countdown to visualize how long this delivery option is still available

Programming of 3D Live Product Preview

  • The configured product is visualized as a whole throughout the configuration process. Every change is immediately visible: bindings, embossing, university logos, book corners, etc ..
  • The user can see front, back and spine of the configured article dynamically in real time
  • To reduce the number of errors, the user can review the work before printing in 3D product preview as a final check
  • In 3D Live Product Preview, the preconfigured work can be rotated, scrolled, zoomed, opened or closed.
  • All extras and accessories selected by the user such as CD, folding map, CD triangles etc. are visualized in 3D product preview.