Conversion and Performance Optimization of a Shopware Shop >


  • Source Code Cleanup & Optimization
  • Strategic advice
  • Performance and conversion optimization
  • Programming individual Shopware plugins
  • Redesign
  • Shopware updates
  • Optimization of the server infrastructure
  • Optimization of the mobile version
  • Implementation of numerous individual functions
  • Evaluation of Web Analytics.


  • Move to a new server infrastructure
  • Preparation of the server infrastructure and accompaniment of a live TV program via Gusti Leder (maximum 11,300 simultaneous shop visitors)
  • DooFinder setup and customizing
  • Integration of Panono's 360 degree panaromic images
  • Concept and programming of an engraving configurator
  • User Generated Content on the product page
  • Splitting the ratings by grades
  • Zip validation for EU countries.


  • Shopware 5
  • JavaScript
  • PHP 5.6
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL

Shopware Performance Optimization

Shopware Shop performance optimization is top priority for Gusti Leder. Because good performance leads to an increase in the conversion rate, a better buying experience and an increase in sales.

Based on the findings of a detailed performance evaluation, the following optimization measures have been taken:

  • Code refactoring directly after project takeover
  • Optimization of server architecture (cloud, memcache, loadbalancer, etc.)
  • Server migration without setting the daily operation
  • Optimization of caching mechanisms and warming up of cache
  • Optimization of graphic content
  • Minimization of CSS and JavaScript files
  • Lazy Loading on Videos
  • Optimization of HTTP requests
  • The number of plugins has been minimized to necessary ones.


  • Lowering load times by 42%,
  • TTFB has been reduced by 39%.

Revenue during collaboration with TreoLabs increased by a two-digit percentage.


Engraving Configurator

In order to easily customize the items, an engraving configurator was programmed for this Shopware Shop by TreoLabs. The shop visitor can not only write the engraving text in different fonts, but also add the desired symbols (heart, anchor, star, etc.). On the screen you can see the preview of the engraving in real time.

Compared to many shops with an engraving offer, you may check the prepared engraving in this shopware shop at checkout at any time (engraving text, engraving, engraving preview). The return quota has been significantly reduced by the use of engraving function.


User Generated Content on Instagram

The social media, especially Facebook and Instagram, contribute enormously to the strong brand awareness of Gusti Leder. That's why the company decided to integrate user-generated content on product pages. For this, TreoLabs has developed a special Shopware plugin.

The shop visitors are inspired by the user-generated images, which are trustworthy and authentic. Conversions and engagement could be increased as well.


Gusti Leder GmbH sells leather goods via its online shop as well as over 14 of its own stationary stores. Gusti Leather Shopware Enterprise multi-shop solution comprises a total of 17 sub and country shops.