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Our team has been working with Plentymarkets for over 3 years. Along this way we have realized numerous projects of various degrees of difficulty. Our knowledge of Plentymarkets as a EMS or shop system allows providing our customers with the competent consultation concerning strong and weak points of the system. Our professional team has already developed several shops based on Plentymarkets and realized connection to third party systems via Plentymarkets API. We can develop any Plentymarkets plugin. Our connectors enable us to bind Plentymarkets for bidirectional data exchange with Magento, OXID or Shopware.

What is Plentymarkets?

Plentymarkets includes all e-commerce platform possibilities and allows a shop owner to simplify, optimize and / or automate the business processes. Plentymarkets is a perfect system for online shops, which enables selling products not only in a shop, but also across different marketplaces (eBay, Amazon, Rakuten etc.). Such a multi-channel strategy guarantees shop success: it is almost as if you open several shops, but only cheaper and with larger reach.



You get a SaaS online shop with responsive design and various amazing features.


List your products on over 40 price comparison machines and sales platforms..


Plentymarkets also allows controlling your local businesses.


Ordering process


You can offer all popular payment methods and centrally monitor the payments.


Available manual or fully automated delivery


Maintain your relationships with existing and potential customers.


Control your inventory, purchase and sale in one place.


Due to processes, many routine tasks can be standardized and automated.


Analyze the date in order to make a right decision.



Possible in-house development for obtaining missing functions.


Your data is securely kept, and a system is fast and always accessible.


Further development of a system and its updating are carried out by us, and are free of charge.


Why Plentymarkets?

Online shop, multi-channel system, resource planning and CRM – these four factors ensure your online and offline business success. Plentymarkets allows operating real-time information concerning all processes (incoming goods, warehousing, order processing) in your shop in a single system and enables its management.

Cloud-based Application

Plentymarkets allows having no preinstalled software, hardware or server infrastructure, that’s why you need any additional administration.

All-in-one solution for online owner

With Plentymarkets you get your own online shop, easy synchronization with all popular sales platforms and complete order processing from one source – from payment acceptance to the statistical evaluation of all your business transactions.

Clear and Fast Back-end

User-friendly and really fast admin area simplifies shop administration even for beginners.

Web-based Application

Web-based solution helps you to keep the real-time location- and device-independent data in order to make important decisions in time. All you need is a modern web browser..

Extensive Functions

Plentymarkets is not only an excellent EMS system, but also CRM system, online shop and a even more. The system includes many plugins, modules and extensions, which can solve almost any problem of an online shop owner.

Large Number of Connected Marketplaces

Expand your reach and sell on all world-famous marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Zalando, Otto and 40 others.

High Degree of Automation and Time-saving

Standard functions are fully automated. This will save time for checking your orders, returns, and inventory – all processes are fast, smooth and completely automatic.

Free of Charge Support and Strong Community

Merge into the Plentymarkets community. This free forum allows sharing experience between competent developers and shop owners, and helps you to find the answers to each of your questions!

Numerous Interfaces

Connecting to marketplaces, price comparison services, EMS and CRM systems make your Plentymarkets shop more flexible and competitive.

Open API

Do you experience in Shopware, OXID, Magento or any other shopping system? No problem – due to the open API, Plentymarkets can be connected to many third-party systems quickly and easily..

What we offer

Shop Design

Shop Templating

Setup and Configuration


Help and Support

Development and Integration

Connection to third-party system

Open Plentymarkets API gives a possibility to connect any desired third-party systems to Plentymarkets. Many professional online owners can automatically synchronize the data from an existing shop or any other third-party system with Plentymarkets. Our Plentymarkets agency will be glad to assist you. We carry out the connections quickly and avoid the hazards of any system.


OXID Plentymarkets Connector


Magento Plentymarkets Connector


We are glad to consult you!

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Your advantages

As a certified Plentymarkets agency, we completely implement of the online owner solution from concept and design to individual functions development, quality assurance and launch. We develop Plentymarkets online shop or connect your own. We configure the entire order processing and carry out connection to the desired online markets. Our Project Manager, assigned to the project, organizes a smooth project process. Our Plentymarkets agency provides transparent project process and direct communication. This serves a single purpose: to ensure a high-quality service that fully meets your company-specific requirements.

Top price/performance ratio due to our development centres situated in Ukraine.

24/7 professional, fast and personal support (even on the weekend).

We have 4 Plentymarkets developers and 18 Plentymarkets Shops on Support.

We offer our customers full transparency of all our processes and provide detailed cost statements.

We deliver high quality responsive templates and thoroughly tested individual plugins that are 100% customized to your requirements.

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Customers reviews

TreoLabs was assigned to develop our shop system. The company impressed with the professional shop design, satisfactory project management, and customer-oriented cooperation. The solution was customized due to the customer’s request, according to the latest legal requirements. You will feel like a customer and a king here!
Steffen Legner, CEO,
After having bad experiences with 1-2 other software providers TreoLabs was recommended to us. Firstly you treat it of course skeptically – the development offices are situated in Ukraine, but then you realize, that the location doesn’t play a key role. It is important, that a customer has a competent contact person to understand and consult. We have found this in TreoLabs, and were absolutely excited with the collaboration and fast implementation of our ideas and requirements. We have already implemented several projects related to our shop systems, and are satisfied with the individual design. Keep it up and we will recommend you gladly.
Andreas Matthes, CEO, 1-Net-Versand GmbH
TreoLabs has fulfilled our requirements for the Webshop within the shortest possible time. The communication is conveniently short, understandable and put in a nutshell. The reaction and implementation times are quite quick. There are actually no major delays in the implementation. The next pro is that TreoLabs Team is super flexible and able to realize even special requests. And everything is at very fair prices. We are more than satisfied.
Alexander Gast, Product Manager, Audiotechnik Dietz Vertriebs-GmbH
I was particularly satisfied with the development process of the website, as each of the discussed tasks was fulfilled by TreoLabs in due time. During our cooperation everything what has been said, was also competed. And the main thing is that the quality of the developed website makes me very happy. I wish the team more and more customers and much success!!!

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