Online Store Optimization

Continuous optimization of the online store contributes to its success. This should be done both in terms of design and layout as well as functionality to meet the latest usability-trends and strict customer requirements. Our most important tasks are the technical analysis of the supervised online store and the implementation of suggestted improvement. Our team makes your store work quickly, technically perfect and user-friendly.Your customers will thank you.

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Usability Optimization

To ensure simple and intuitive user guidance we optimize layout, structure and navigation of each website page.

Performance Optimization

Your website has to work quickly even when overloaded with onsite users. The performance analysis allows us to identify the weak points and get rid of them both on the website itself and your server infrastructure.

Code Optimization

Code optimization and refactoring improve performance and code quality, which has a positive impact on the future development process and conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization

We make your online store more search-friendly and can consult you in terms of marketing and other SEO relevant topics.

Conversion Rate Optimization

With the help of Google Analytics we analyze the behavior of your store visitors in order to identify the termination criteria and other problems. From this perspective, suggestions for improvement are presented, discussed and implemented.

Process Optimization

We ensure automatic data exchange between your store and any third-party system. We help you to automate manual operations in repetitive tasks for you to focus on more important problems.

Store Security Optimization

We ensure users transmitting their data only in encrypted form which is also safely stored. We will test your store for security holes, fix them, install updates and security patches if necessary.

Strategy Optimization

We suggest complex recommendations relating to content, processes and applied technologies. We will help you to find the solutions and implement them successfully step by step.

Technology Optimization

Your store grows, the number of visitors increases, the pages load more slowly. We will help you to improve the technology and server infrastructure – we will offer to move your store to a better store system or transfer it to a more powerful server.


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Stages of the optimization

1. Analysis of the Actual Situation

With the help of intensified methods, tools (Google Analytics, our own usability tool etc.), experience with other projects we analyze the actual situation of your store in the context of usability, performance, SEO, marketing, and store security.

2. Problem Detection & Reporting

On the basis of the analysis we identify website weak points and possible optimization potentials, and then produce a detailed report. The report is available in a PDF document.

3. Solution Approach

In close cooperation with the client, we discuss the suggested solutions and prepare an individual work plan with all the tasks, prioritized according to their importance.

4. Implementation and Measuring Success

The concrete tasks are implemented. After a certain time, we will measure the effectiveness of our solutions