Online Shop Development

Online shop should convince, not force

You have ideas – we have a solution. Beautiful design is not enough. There are several factors which affect the functionality of successful online shops. Our e-commerce agency conceives, designs, programs and launches your online shop. Our solution is 100% tailored to your needs and is based on experience gained from numerous projects in e-commerce.

Online shop development process

1. Strategy & Conception

After a thorough analysis of the features and specific requirements, we design a coherent and innovative concept for your new online shop page by page. We will take into account your perspective shop strategy in professional and technical terms.

2.Sy stem Selection

Nach der gründlichen Analyse von Besonderheiten und spezifischen Anforderungen, entwerfen wir ein stimmiges und zukunftsweisendes Gesamtkonzept für Ihren neuen Onlineshop – Seite für Seite. Dieses wird in fachlicher und technischer Hinsicht Ihre zukünftige Shop-Strategie berücksichtigen.

3. • User Interface & Design

We put particular emphasis on functionality, usability and professional online shop design. Online shop main goal is to increase sales. That’s why our designers create detailed mockups and wireframes that are then agreed with our customers.

4. Development & Quality Assurance

Only after accepting design of every single page with a customer, our team develop an online shop. In the process of the shop development we strictly adhere to the shop system standards and rules. We ensure high quality through code reviews, functional testing and testing for cross-browser compatability.

5. Hosting

The loading time has a strong influence on the conversion rate and sales of online shops. We will offer you an optimal server infrastructure, set up and configure your online shop for optimal usage of the server resources and shortest loading time.

6. Online Shop Support

We are glad to support your online shop even after launch, as we are interested in a long-term cooperation. We support your online shop from 07:00 till 22:00, fixing the technical problems and providing further development of your online shops.

Strategy and conception

  • Our precise detailed research of the technical requirements ensures their implementation in a pixel-perfect and function-accurate manner.
  • In cooperation with you we define your e-commerce strategy and determine the most significant milestones for the technical implementation.
  • We schedule our work and deliver the results step by step so that you can always control and influence on the development process of your online store.
  • We summarize your requirements, objectives, wishes and analyze the possible implementation alternatives.

Shop system selection

The choice of the appropriate shop system can significantly influence your business success. We work with all the leading shop systems and our experience allows us to know exactly their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore the best shop system exists only linked to a specific customer, his requirements and expectations. Do you know the selection criteria when choosing the optimal system? Our experts will kindly help you to make the right choice based on our experience with numerous projects.

  • Community Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Enterprice Edition
  • Enterprise B2B Edition

Key benefits:

  • High speed
  • Simple administration
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • High flexibility and customization
  • Community Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Professional Plus Edition
  • Enterprise Edition

Key benefits:

  • Extensive marketing features
  • Multi-shop capability
  • Many configuration options
  • Clear and modern admin interface
  • Community Edition
  • Enterprise Edition
  • Enterprise Cloud Edition
  • und andere

Key benefits:

  • The largest community and numbers of modules
  • Most extensive features
  • Comprehensive configuration options
  • Multi-shop capability

User interface and design

Only clear design and well-considered usability allow your shop to fulfill the desired goals. It concerns not only the attractive view, but also for sure user-friendly navigation, intuitive page flow, clear shopping cart, understandable ordering process, and the absence of irritating and distracting buttons or blocks. A modern online shop shouldn’t primarily focus on sales, but offer users the unique and emotional buying experience That is why our designers create mockups and match them for each individual page type – homepage, category page, product page, etc.

Responsive Design

Your shop should be platform independent, so that your customers can go through the ordering procedure and complete the order process at any device.


User-friendliness of an online shop is a prerequisite for entrepreneurial success. The positive shopping experience is crucial.

Load Time

Too long page loading leads to order breaks and customer frustration. Optimization of the loading times contributes to the increase of the conversion rates and the sales significantly.

Depending on customer requirements and expectations, we can create a template-based or individual onlineshop design. In the case of a template-based design, a purchased template is based on our solution and adapted by us. At Individual design, your shop is completely new and free. There is also a golden middle, because the new onlineshop design is not supposed to lead to a “loss of identity”.

Template-based Design

Templatebasiertes Design

  • cheap
  • quickly available
  • tested and checked on several websites
  • very flexible and easily adaptable
  • mass market solution

Individual Design

  • unique
  • individual solution
  • more expensive development
  • takes more time
  • higher recognition value
  • attention to details


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Online shop development

When design is approved by the customer, we create the cross-browser compatible templates and develop all necessary modules. At the same time, we stick to the rules and development standards of the selected shop system so that it remains updateable and flexible. Then your online shop will be connected to the desired third party systems to ensure automatic data exchange – WAWIs, payment providers, delivery services, sales portals and other services.

Valid HTML and CSS

We create bug-free HTML and CSS. The quality is assured by our own QAs.


Nowadays it is impossible for the online shop to work quite autonomously. Therefore, we securely connect your shop to the payment systems, marketplaces, merchandise management systems, etc.


If you have not yet found an appropriate module for solving your problem, we will develop and customize it for you.


We develop a device-independent solution and ensure its cross-browser compatibility.

Search Engine Optimization

We make your online shop search engine user-friendly. When developing, we pay particular attention to adhering to the SEO requirements in order to improve the visibility and findability of the online shop.

Qualitative Code

We stick to the object-oriented principles and selected shop system so that your shop can be modular, flexible, expandable and updateable.

Online shop hosting

According to Amazon research, speeding up the loading time up 100ms increases sales by 1%!

Do you need a hosting faster than Amazon AWS?

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Online shop support

In order to be successful, the online shop has to be continuously developed and customized to the changeable customer expectations. Updates, functional changes, or performance challenges should not influence on the customer’s shopping experience, during, for example, Christmas times with strongly increased visitor numbers or Black Friday sales. The greatest challenge is that the shop always works in highly dynamic manner and is bug-free – this is the most important task for our 24/7 online shop support. Our team will fix your problem even on weekends and holidays.

Development and instalation of modules

Technical and strategic consulting

Maintenance and system configuration

Updates, upgrades and further development

Security checks and bug fixing

Automated und manual backup of data

Down-time prevention

Automated monitoring

Customer reviews

TreoLabs was assigned to develop our shop system. The company impressed with the professional shop design, satisfactory project management, and customer-oriented cooperation. The solution was customized due to the customer’s request, according to the latest legal requirements. You will feel like a customer and a king here!
Steffen Legner, CEO,
After having bad experiences with 1-2 other software providers TreoLabs was recommended to us. Firstly you treat it of course skeptically – the development offices are situated in Ukraine, but then you realize, that the location doesn’t play a key role. It is important, that a customer has a competent contact person to understand and consult. We have found this in TreoLabs, and were absolutely excited with the collaboration and fast implementation of our ideas and requirements. We have already implemented several projects related to our shop systems, and are satisfied with the individual design. Keep it up and we will recommend you gladly.
Andreas Matthes, CEO, 1-Net-Versand GmbH
TreoLabs has fulfilled our requirements for the Webshop within the shortest possible time. The communication is conveniently short, understandable and put in a nutshell. The reaction and implementation times are quite quick. There are actually no major delays in the implementation. The next pro is that TreoLabs Team is super flexible and able to realize even special requests. And everything is at very fair prices. We are more than satisfied.
Alexander Gast, Product Manager, Audiotechnik Dietz Vertriebs-GmbH
I was particularly satisfied with the development process of the website, as each of the discussed tasks was fulfilled by TreoLabs in due time. During our cooperation everything what has been said, was also competed. And the main thing is that the quality of the developed website makes me very happy. I wish the team more and more customers and much success!!!

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