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Magento is one of the best shop systems on the German-speaking, European and international market. We have created and maintain many online stores based on Magento and Magento 2 for years and are proud to have a lot of satisfied customers. As Magento agency we mainly deal with the creation and support of complex and conversion-strong Magento stores, in addition, we also develop individual Magento templates and plugins exactly according to your company-specific requirements.

Magento is a market leader for professional online store solutions with modern architecture. Magento is highly scalable and flexible, it provides the best features for product management, order processing, marketing, SEO and reporting. Furthermore, Magento suggests variety of modules for any thinkable functions. Magento meets all your requirements either you need a small or big online store.


For our customers we design, develop and support Magento solutions, which are innovative in technology, fascinating in design, and easy in functionality. Complex concepts, connection to third party system, or completely individual modules are not a problem for our experienced and competent Magento-team. We pay particular attention to modern trends and ensure the best shopping experience, including mobile users. Furthermore, since 2010 we provide advisory and support to our clients even after the project realization.

What we can offer

Magento Development

Our full-stack Magento agency can offer comprehensive services for online stores. Working in close cooperation with you, our specialists configure and develop your Magento online store according to the required business model. We are able to guarantee high functionality, security, and compatibility of your store. We are aimed at converting your satisfied visitors to your regular customers.

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Magento Design and Templating

Our designers work in close cooperation with the customer and create a responsive design for a Magento store, which is optimally displayed on most devices. From the point of view of your objectives and budget, we are able to create an individual design or customize one of the numerous Magento-templates according to the requirements. Our templates are always tested to ensure correctness and cross-browser compatibility. We pay high attention to performance issues.

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We guarantee correct and completely automated data exchange between your Magento store and a merchandise management system or any third party system. We can develop an individual solution or integrate available Magento modules, connectors or interfaces if required. We offer solutions for Lexware, SAGE, SAP, brickfox, SoftENGINE, Microsoft NAV, büro+, pixi and other systems.

Magento 2

Magento 2 is the latest version of the Magento shop system. Magento 2 offers numerous state-of-the-art upgrades for a store keeper. The process of upgrading Magento 1 requires expertise and investments. Upgrading Magento 1 to Magento 2 includes i.a. database migration, modules development and integration, template design.

Usability Optimization

The exterior counts. Are you unsatisfied with the usability of your store? Our experts will check your online store for potential weaknesses that can negatively impact your conversion rate and will offer suggestions for improvement. This is then implemented by our Magento developers. In doing so, we ensure a high level of performance as well as an increase in sales and conversion rate.

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Magento Maintanance and Support

When a problem appears – even a minute counts for your customers to keep trusting you. As your reliable partner we offer a long-term and technically competent maintenance and support of your Magento store. Fast response times, fast support and a fixed contact are our promises for you. We continually develop your store and help you solve problems quickly and efficiently.

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Magento Module

As an open source shop system, Magento has a large community store with several thousand modules and extensions, which we can install, configure and customize for your store. If available modules don’t meet your requirements, we are able to develop the required Magento modules and extensions from scratch according to your specifications and integrate them into your online store.

Performance Optimization

Due to the sustainable experience of our developers, we can optimize loading time of a Magento store. Faster loading time highly facilitates the conversion rate of your store. A slow online store is frustration for the customers and a frequent reason for cancelling purchase. Based on the experience with numerous Magento stores, our developers can optimize Magento performance considerably. Better loading times can significantly improve the conversion rate for your store.

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Why Magento?

Magento is one of the leading e-commerce CMS all over the world. It was founded in 2008 and has been continually developed since then. Currently Magento software is one of the most modern and is undoubtedly the most comprehensive e-commerce solution available. Magento is an open source shop system with almost unlimited features and possibilities due to the largest e-commerce community worldwide. High flexibility, scalability and modularity are its significant advantages for the professional shop operators. Magento software is definitely not the cheapest e-commerce solution available, so it would be suitable for more complex e-commerce projects of all kinds.

E-commerce Platform No. 1 All Over the World

Since February 2013 the Magento market share has increased significantly. Currently the market share reaches over 26%, running on more than 260,000 online stores. Magento is especially suitable for multistores and highly customized e-commerce solutions.

Open Source

Magento is open-source and has a free license. This allows developers to make any changes in the system to meet specific customer requirements. There is no other free shop system that has so much to offer. The time-to-market and value-for-money of Magento in comparison with expensive alternatives, e.g. Hybrid, are simply unbeatable.

World's Largest E-commerce Community

More than 5,000 available modules, a large number of employees and freelancers make Magento one of the best e-commerce solutions, creating the largest e-commerce community with more than 100,000 developers. Great community size contributes to the further development, functional diversity and quality improvement of the Magento software.

Most Flexible Product Management

The number of possibilities and flexible product management is a unique feature of Magento. There are simple, complex, configurable, virtual, downloadable products, bundles, etc. The product attributes are freely configurable even at the product level. All prospective functions related to product management have already been implemented here.

Extended Features

Flexibility along with modularity create a perfect solution for online trading. The system core already includes extensive features and functions. Numerous modules help to fulfill all the additional requirements. As Magento is suitable for multistores, it allows several stores administration using one administrator panel.

Modular Software Architecture

Magento is a high-quality object-oriented software that implements modern techniques and design patterns in development. Modular architecture and clear differentiation between front-end and back-end development highly contributes to code correctness and clarity, that makes further project realization much easier.

A Wide Range of Modules and Templates

Numerous Magento templates, modules, and extentions are cheap or even free. There is nothing impossible. Lots of available Magento templates, especially with Responsive Design, offer a good basis for developing your personalized store template.

Integrated Site Management

Magento includes the full-featured Content Management System (CMS), which enables managing an infinite number of static pages and landing pages. Widgets give a possibility for a shop operator to manage the dynamic content for more efficient marketing activities without programming knowledge.

Customers reviews

TreoLabs was assigned to develop our shop system. The company impressed with the professional store design, satisfactory project management, and customer-oriented cooperation. The solution was customized due to the customer’s request, according to the latest legal requirements. You will feel like a customer and a king here.
Steffen Legner, CEO,
After having bad experiences with 1-2 other software providers TreoLabs was recommended to us. Firstly you treat it of course skeptically – the development offices are situated in Ukraine, but then you realize, that the location doesn’t play a key role. It is important, that a customer has a competent contact person to understand and consult. We have found this in TreoLabs, and were absolutely excited with the collaboration and fast implementation of our ideas and requirements. We have already implemented several projects related to our shop systems, and are satisfied with the individual design. Keep it up and we will recommend you gladly.
Andreas Matthes, CEO, 1-Net-Versand GmbH
TreoLabs has fulfilled our requirements for the web store within the shortest possible time. The communication is conveniently short, understandable and put in a nutshell. The reaction and implementation times are quite quick. There are actually no major delays in the implementation. The next pro is that TreoLabs Team is super flexible and able to realize even special requests. And everything is at very fair prices. We are more than satisfied.
Alexander Gast, Product Manager, Audiotechnik Dietz Vertriebs-GmbH
I was particularly satisfied with the development process of the website, as each of the discussed tasks was fulfilled by TreoLabs in due time. During our cooperation everything what has been said, was also competed. And the main thing is that the quality of the developed website makes me very happy. I wish the team more and more customers and much success!!!

Your advantages

Ukraine belongs to the Top-5 countries with the highest number of certified Magento developers. The chief development center of Magento-commerce is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Our agency consists of five offices (3 of them located in Ukraine) and over 52 permanent employees. Our competent team of Magento developers has already developed numerous projects and has a broad experience in Magento development. Due to the cooperation of the German and Ukrainian offices, we are able to suggest you attractive conditions and high quality. Your store customers’ satisfaction is our top priority.

Top price/performance ratio due to our development centers situated in Ukraine (Kyiv, Lviv and Zhytomyr).

Professional and personal support from 07:00 to 22:00 (even on weekends).

When developing, we refer to Magento quality standards and rules.

We supply high quality due to the standardized development process and quality assurance by our QA.

We have 6 Magento developers and carry out the support of 27 Magento stores.

We also have knowledge of other technologies and are able to connect any third-party system.