Choice of the Agency - Detailed Tips with Checklist

9. July 2019
You need a service for your website, online shop or web portal? This article helps you to find out which points are important when choosing an agency.

E-commerce processes: understand and optimize

7. June 2019
Do you want to become a successful online retailer? Without optimization and automation of e-commerce processes, business success in e-commerce is hardly possible.

TreoPIM, Pimcore, Akeneo - Open source PIM systems in comparison

19. February 2019
The comparison of three free PIM solutions in an overview: costs, features, usability and support.

Shopware 5 vs Magento 2 - Detailed Comparison of Leading eCommerce Software

7. February 2019
We compare Shopware 5 with Magento 2 based on: Performance, Customizations, Configurations, Extensibility, as a "out of the box” solution and TCO.