Сustomer benefits

TreoLabs Ltd offers many advantages for its customers

We offer consultation, creation, and support for your online shop or any other web applications from the single source. We have accumulated our experience in using various systems and frameworks so that our customers can get benefit from it. We are constantly working on the improvement of our workflow and establish long-term cooperation with our customers.

Customer benefits overview


  • Over 75% of our income belong to e-commerce.
  • We have invested 50 000+ working hours only in web application and API development to learn how complicated tasks can be solved quickly.


  • After only 7 years of our presence on the market, we engage over 50 professionals in 5 offices.
  • 80% of our customers come from the DACH region.
  • We establish a long-term cooperation – many customers rely on us for years.

Price and Service

  • Thanks to our development offices in Ukraine and the specialization of our employees, we can offer our customers a top price-performance ratio.
  • Our business model works, our growth is the best proof of it.


  • We work with leading shop systems and frameworks, so we can offer a truly optimal solution.
  • Each team member is responsible for his/her specific role in the project.
  • We reckon on the permanent team in the project realization process.
  • Our staff members speak English and German so that we can easily find a common language.
  • We recommend – you decide.


  • We put a great emphasis on our staff training.
  • We specialize our developers – each developer specializes maximum in two technologies to ensure high effectiveness.
  • We are constantly working on the improvement of our work processes.
  • Customer feedback is highly important to us.
  • We have 5+ QAs so that we can assure success of our work results.


  • In the development process we use open-source technologies and guarantee that you will receive the source code of the developed solutions.
  • You will get a complete access to our project management system to control the development process.
  • We offer thorough monitoring of your online shop, your web application, and all the required server services fully charge-free.
  • You will get a detailed cost estimation.
  • We are honest and flexible.

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Project Management

In order to achieve the expected results we organize our working process efficiently. The determinative factor here is the efficient and goal-oriented project management, which includes planning, guidance, control, and progress analysis with the customer at the every phase of the project realization. We ensure the qualitative and timely realization of your project by initial advising the customers and only then by taking care of the implementation.

Project Manager

Project Manager is permanently assigned, always available, and takes full responsibility for a project.


We use agile project management that allows us to make changes throughout the project realization.

Full Transparency

Every customer gets a complete access to our project management and reporting system.


The effective, timely and solution-oriented communication between the agency and the customer is a basis for a constructive and reliable cooperation, which provides further background for the faster and safer goal achievement.



Desktop Sharing




The development is maintained in sprints. In this way, the customer always has a possibility to observe the first results, control the budget and customize the development if some changes are required.


Our permanent team ensures the project realization, as each team member is responsible for what he/she does best.

Version-Based Development

We are using GIT as VCS. Using Git enables reverting to a previous version at any time.

Issue and Bug Tracking System

It allows us not to skip or forget any bug or problem.

Test and Production Environment

We always work with test and production environments. The up-to-date version is available on the test website.

Quality assurance

We place the utmost importance to the qualitative work results. Standardized work process, employees job specialization and special tools make it possible.

Code Review

is a part of our development. Every line of code is checked by a CI Tool automatically and a senior PHP developer manually.

Permanent Project Team

We organize a permanent project team with fixed responsibilities – a project manager, front-end and back-end developers, designers, QAs.

Assigned QA

There is at least one QA (often a business analyst at the same time) assigned to a project. This provides a basis for the quality assurance.

Automated Testing Tools

We use the automated testing tools in order to provide quality control and assure cross-browser compatibility.

Our team

Everyday our young team delivers interesting projects therefore creating splendid opportunities for our customers. Everyone enjoys the job and contributes to the collective success.

  • 8 Project Managers
  • 30+ Back-end Developers
  • 7 Front-end Developers
  • 5+ QA Engineers
  • 2 Designers
  • 1 HR Manager
  • 1 Accountant
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