As an Akeneo agency based in Regensburg, TreoLabs GmbH offers solutions for PIM with Akeneo according to client specifications and PIM system connection shop systems such as Magento, OXID, Shopware or Plentymarkets or other third party systems. Our solutions help you to optimize and automate work with and on product information. If you want to improve the quality of your product information, Akeneo is just the right PIM for you!

Why do you need a PIM system?

  • Product information displayed on the online shop pages is often incomplete and needs to be improved.
  • The product data can be taken from different sources and have different quality, detail depth and completeness.
  • Processing and completing product data is often very complex and error-prone.
  • Working on product information improvement in a shop system or your ERP can be very complex.
  • The complexity of the product data flow is often underestimated, and sooner or later you will end up with Excel solutions, which hardly allow automation and error-free operation.

What does PIM mean?

Akeneo is an open source product information management (PIM) system that stands for centralization, unification, completion of all technical and distribution-oriented product information, as well as its distribution across different online and offline channels. Akeneo suports multichannel capability while importing and exporting data. It forms a central repository for all your product information. Stop editing your “popular” Excel sheets or CSV files, and work with Akeneo instead!

1. Data Import

Product information, pictures, videos are collected via:

  • FTP
  • REST
  • SOAP
  • Files
  • Databases
  • Other sources

2. PIM

Product data will be optimized:

  • Structured
  • Completed
  • Improved
  • Translated
  • Controlled

3. Multichannel

Product data will be distributed for:

  • Raw export
  • Online shops
  • Catalogs
  • Mobile apps
  • Branch

Akeneo editions and functions

Akeneo is available in two versions. Although the Community Edition is made for small businesses, it is yet well-equipped and is certainly one of the most functional open-source PIM systems on the market. The Enterprise Edition is more suitable for the needs of medium and large enterprises.

Community Edition

  • Detailed product management
  • Localizations
  • Quality control
  • Configuration management
  • Import engine
  • Export engine
  • Data scope at the channel level
  • Different product attribute values depending on the channel

Enterprise Edition

  • All Functions of Community Edition plus
  • Advanced role permissions
  • Validation workflow
  • Versioning and publishing
  • Rules Engine for product attributes
  • Product asset management

Advantages of Akeneo

As a PIM system, Akeneo helps to centralize, optimize and distribute all the technical and marketing-relevant information about your products and spread it over all necessary channels. Akeneo helps you to increase the conversion rate and decrease the return rate. In this way, you achieve more effective marketing and SEO measures as a whole.

100% Open source und extensible

As an open source PIM system, Akeneo can be adjusted and upgraded. Therefore, it always meets the customer requirements.

Easy user interface

Akeneo PIM is web based and has modern and easy user interfaces. The user can work quickly and intuitively with them.

Integration with any third party system due to REST API

Due to the REST API, Akeneo PIM can be connected to any other third party system, both during data import and data distribution.

Large number of features

Akeneo offers many functions directly from the box. The management of article data and catalogs is very flexible. The management of product attributes is advanced and well thought out.


We are happy to consult you!

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What we offer?

As an Akeneo agency, we take responsibility for the complete configuration and implementation of the Akeneo product information management system for your business, consult you in detail, offer possible solutions for your tasks and special needs and then implement them. Of course, we support you also after the project launch.


The introduction of a PIM system improves the quality of your product data and increases the conversion rate.


We would be pleased to advise you as our customer. However, you decide which of the possible solutions is the most appropriate for you and your business.


We integrate Akeneo into any third party system and can also guarrantee a fully automatic data exchange via API or on a file basis.


Even after the launch, we are glad to support you. We are interested in long term cooperation and continue to improve your system.

Our services

  • We create all the necessary categories and catalogs.
  • We set attributes, attribute groups, and attribute families.
  • We manage configurable items.
  • We develop the automated import profiles depending on the data source.
  • We supplement the system with additional fields and parameters.
  • We centralize your media library (for example, images of articles).
  • We adapt the product information from different sources to the common structure.
  • We organize the trainings for your employees.
  • And we can do even more for you. Just contact us!

Our solutions

As an open-source PIM system, Akeneo is particularly suitable for all popular shop systems. We are happy to develop connectors for the following shop systems:

99 /Monat


  • Unlimited transactions
  • Bidirectional data exchange
  • Support
99 /Monat


  • Unlimited transactions
  • Bidirectional data exchange
  • Support
99 /Monat


  • Unlimited transactions
  • Bidirectional data exchange
  • Support
99 /Monat


  • Unlimited transactions
  • Bidirectional data exchange
  • Support

Why us?


We listen and can implement any customer requirements. Many things are just a matter of time and of the project budget.


Our consultation is always based on the experience we have already gained in numerous projects.


You will be provided with the access to our project management system and will actively participate in the project.

Customer Satisfaction

As a customer, you have the highest priority for us. We are flexible and can also implement new requirements, if they even have not been discussed before. And we are only satisfied when you are.


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  • Oleksandr Zinchenko
  • CEO
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Why we

  • Request and offer cost you nothing
  • We advise and listen carefully
  • Top value for money
  • Transparency and realistic cost estimates
  • Use of modern technologies
  • Long-term support